2020 Could Turn into Earth’s Warmest Year On Record, Even Without an El Niño

This study reports age and geochemical analyses of basaltic rocks dredged from volcanic seamounts offshore SW Taiwan. They are evolved alkali basalts that show OIB-type geochemical features similar to post-spreading seamount basalts 14 – 3. The age and overall geochemical characteristics of the dredged basalts are comparable to those of the Kungkuan basalts, NW Taiwan and Baolai basalts, SW Taiwan, suggesting an extensive alkali basaltic volcanism along the southeastern Eurasian continental margin during the early Miocene that resulted from regional lithospheric extension in association with seafloor spreading in the South China Sea. Age and geochemical features of dredged basalts from offshore SW Taiwan : the coincidence of intra-plate magmatism with the spreading South China Sea. N2 – This study reports age and geochemical analyses of basaltic rocks dredged from volcanic seamounts offshore SW Taiwan. AB – This study reports age and geochemical analyses of basaltic rocks dredged from volcanic seamounts offshore SW Taiwan.

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Dating of lead-zinc deposits is of critical importance for better understanding of ore genesis, but has long been a big challenge due to the lack of suitable minerals that can be unequivocally linked to the ore genesis and that can be used for tradition radiometric methods. This kind of deposits have simple mineralogy dominated by galena and sphalerite commonly associated with calcite and other gangue minerals.

Both galena and sphalerite have low and high variable Re concentrations and thus Re-Os dating of these minerals have been less promising. In addition, the recovery of Re is extremely low for galena when conventional method was applied, lending additional difficulty in precisely dating galena. In this study, we investigate the recovery of Re using different media for anion exchange separation and reporte a revised preparation method for Re-Os dating of galena and sphalerite.

By using the new protocol, two reliable Re-Os isochron ages of galena and sphalerite from the Fule This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Precise dating of Dansgaard-Oeschger climate oscillations in western Europe from stalagmite data

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Keywords: Variscan granitoids; biotite; cooling age; K-Ar dating; for molybdenite from the Variscan Strzegom-Sobótka massif, SW Poland.

Although the relative ages of the Brattforsheden depos-its are well known, absolute ages from the area are few. In this study we have used optically stimulat-ed luminescence OSL , surface exposure 10 Be and radiocarbon 14 C dating to provide an absolute chronology for the deglaciation and for the Holocene development of the aeolian dunes. Our data show that the deglaciation took place just before 11 ka Aeolian dunes started forming immediately after degla-ciation and were active for at least years, well after vegetation had established.

Renewed aeolian activity occurred years ago, resulting in the deposition of sand sheets. Comparison between dating methods and studies of OSL dose distributions show that glacial, glacifluvial and littoral sedi-ments suffer from incomplete bleaching and thus that mean OSL ages from such deposits overesti-mate the true depositional age. By using small aliquots and statistical age models, this effect can part-ly be countered. Also, some of the 10Be ages appear too old, which may be due to previous exposure.

Alexanderson H and Murray AS, a. Alexanderson H and Murray AS, b. Luminescence signals from modern sediments in a glaciated bay, NW Svalbard. Quaternary Geochronology , DOI An Arctic per-spective on dating Mid-Late Pleistocene environmental history.

SwRI scientists demonstrate speed, precision of in situ planetary dating device

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Holocene Chronology of the Brattforsheden Delta and Inland Dune Field, Sw Sweden. Helena Alexanderson and Derek Fabel. 1 Department of.

Please view the main text area of the page by skipping the main menu. The page may not be displayed properly if the JavaScript is deactivated on your browser. A survey of areas hit by flooding after the Kuma River overflowed during recent torrential rain in the Kyushu region of southwestern Japan has found that one area was flooded to a depth of 4.

Masahide Matsumura, a specialist in bridge engineering who heads the center’s Disaster Mitigation Laboratory, and other researchers began surveying areas damaged by flood on July 5, the day after the torrential rains hit, in the city of Hitoyoshi and the towns of Ashikita and Tsunagi in Kumamoto Prefecture. Using flood estimate maps from the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, they examined an area spanning about 5 kilometers from east to west and 1 kilometer from north to south, focusing on residential areas on the right back of the Kuma River in the city of Hitoyoshi.

The Kuma River is nicknamed the “Abaregawa” raging river , as it is known as one of the three fastest-flowing rivers in Japan along with the Fuji River that flows through Nagano, Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures in central Japan and the Mogami River in Yamanashi Prefecture. The Kuma River, designated by the government as a class A river, has flooded several times in the past.

Southwest Paleoclimate

Author s : D. Genty corresponding author [1]; D. Blamart [1]; R.

This study reports age and geochemical analyses of basaltic rocks dredged from volcanic seamounts offshore SW Taiwan. 40Ar/39Ar dating results of these.

Global temperatures in are on pace for one of the planet’s top two warmest years in years of temperature records, according to separate new analyses. NOAA’s State of the Climate report released Monday found that temperatures in the first six months of were second warmest of any January-June period, trailing only in records dating to By far, the most extreme temperature anomalies anywhere on the planet in have been in parts of Russia.

Ten days later, a city farther north along Russia’s Arctic coast soared to 93 degrees. These may be the farthest north 90s or s on record in the Arctic. The unusually warm spring sent snow cover plummeting in the Siberian Arctic starting in May, and sapped soil moisture later in the month, according to an analysis from Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service C3S.

Re-Os dating of galena and sphalerite from lead-zinc sulfide deposits in Yunnan Province, SW China

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Photo, Print, Drawing [Interior of L.C. Handy Studio, Maryland Ave., SW, Washington, D.C., with glass negatives dating back to Mathew Brady piled on a.

The earliest reliable instrumental climate records begin in about In the Southwest, the longest instrumental records date back about years. While these records have proven useful in understanding short term climate variations, extending climate records further into the past has improved scientific understand of natural climate variability. Paleo records have also provided valuable insight into future climates by helping to identify the patterns, causes, and sensitivities of past climates to change.

Unearthing past climate requires the use of climate proxies—processes that respond in a quantifiable way to climate and therefore are indirect, reliable measures of climate—that include ice cores, lake sediments, ocean sediments, tree rings, cave formations, packrat middens, and a variety of others. Paleoclimate records in the Southwest have shed light on the length and severity of past droughts, particularly through the use of tree rings.

The growth of some tree species is limited by temperature, while others are limited by precipitation. Analyzing the thickness of the tree rings for these different species can therefore inform about past temperature and precipitation. Statistical models can be developed to relate tree growth to precipitation during periods when instrumental records are available.

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Kuma River flooding in SW Japan surpassed level of floods dating back to 1965

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Deglaciation history at the Alpine‐Mediterranean transition (Argentera‐​Mercantour, SW Alps) from 10Be dating of moraines and glacially.

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