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This world renowned brand offers some of the best optical lenses available with unbeatable quality. We have expert knowledge of their products and are able to bespoke KODAK Unique lenses to provide the best vision correction available. When our eyes are unable to focus between distance and near vision an all vision varifocal lens enables us to claim back some of the focussing power we have lost by adapting your vision with a lens prescription. These lenses work at multiple distances, providing a seamless visual experience. Polarised lenses are designed to combat glare. These lenses allow you to see more comfortably as well as prevent conditions such as visual stress and tired eyes. Blue control lenses are recommended for those who spend lots of time in front of a computer screen. These lenses are designed to reduce the amount of blue light that is emitted from screens from entering the eyes which may lead to eye strain and headaches.

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In keeping with our brand ethics that everyone has the right to great vision, KODAK Lenses are designed, created and manufactured to the exacting standards you would expect from a trusted brand like KODAK. Every day, we encounter gorgeous views, wonderful scenes and special moments. How better to enjoy this beauty than in the best color possible?

90 day guarantee is effective from the date the lenses were despatched from Signet. Armorlite, and is subject to all our fitting criteria and recommendations.

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Camera Designs – Cameras before Cameras before It is one of the intriguing things about the history of photography that “cameras” existed before photography had been invented. For several centuries artists had used a portable camera obscura to help them draw scenes accurately. Light entering through the lens is reflected by an angled mirror inside the box, the mirror projected an image on the ground glass screen at the top. The screen was shielded from surrounding light by a folding hood.

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Sometimes the best date you can get is within a few years, sometimes within a few months and sometimes the exact month! These dates can be useful to determine that a camera was not made before that date, however, the patent date s is for the particular piece it is stamped on. This means that if, say, a roll holder has a patent date on it that the date refers to when the film holder was patented.

The roll holder then could be in a camera which was manufactured in Another good use for these dates is to use them when looking through this website at a camera information page. For instance, if a camera was made from and a piece has a patent date of then it’s a good bet that the camera was made between and One downside to all of this is that a piece could have been a repair to the camera, or replaced for some reason, making this way of determining the manufacture date not exact.

This information will give, at the least, the manufacture start and stop dates. Further, many cameras went through some changes in their lifetime without changing the name. On the camera pages these differences are listed with dates. This means that, say, if a camera was made from and the winding “key” was changed from a bar type to a knob type in and your camera has the “bar” type then you know your camera was manufactured before Sometimes there are a quite a few changes that occured to a camera so that you can determine even better what the manufacture date is by looking at your camera and seeing what features it has and if these features are listed.

There are alot of exceptions but many of the popular cameras made in the ‘s and 60’s include this “hidden” code. The code can be stamped or etched in a variety of places.

Original Kodak Camera, Serial No. 540

Kodak was founded by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong on September 4, During most of the 20th century , Kodak held a dominant position in photographic film. The company’s ubiquity was such that its ” Kodak moment ” tagline entered the common lexicon to describe a personal event that deserved to be recorded for posterity.

In August , Kodak announced its intention to sell its photographic film , commercial scanners and kiosk operations, as a measure to emerge from bankruptcy, but not its motion picture film operations. From the company’s founding by George Eastman in , Kodak followed the razor and blades business model of selling inexpensive cameras and making large margins from consumables — film, chemicals, and paper.

This illustration from the Kodak Data Book, Kodak Lenses, Shutters and the end date of the war would have been guesswork and revealing information about​.

Jump to navigation. Learn more and plan your visit. If you asked people in the s, s, or even s what life would be like in the year , a few probably would have had some pretty interesting answers for you. Futuristic clothing, spaceship-like cars, and advanced robotic systems to handle even the most ordinary daily tasks may have been among the responses. But now that we are well into the 21st century, we take a moment to reflect on an object that helped to usher in the beginning of a previous century.

The Kodak “Brownie” camera made its debut at the turn of the twentieth century and sold for one dollar. One hundred thousand of them were purchased during the first year alone. The Brownie helped to put photography into the hands of amateurs and allowed the middle class to take their own “snapshots” as well. Eastman Kodak introduced the new Brownie dollar box camera in ; the release was supported by a major advertising campaign.

The name “Brownie” was chosen primarily because of the popularity of a children’s book of cartoons of the same name, and partly because the camera was initially manufactured for Eastman by Frank Brownell of Rochester, New York. For years prior to Kodak’s popularization of photography, the missing piece in its progress was the invention of a new artificial substance called celluloid.

In , John Wesley Hyatt invented and registered the name “celluloid.

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They can not only change the way people see you, they can dramatically change the way you see! Once your prescription has been produced, our dispensing opticians will be able to advise you on the wide range of lens technologies that we have available at Shiva, to ensure that you get only the crispest, clearest vision with your new spectacles. We offer a great range of lens finishes that are designed to help protect and support your eyesight in your everyday environments.

Whether you’re a frequent driver who would benefit from reflection free lenses or an office worker who uses digital devices on a regular basis, we have a lens finish that could improve your comfort and confidence when wearing your glasses. Ask our staff about the range of finishes available to learn more. Whether you want a specific lens finish or even an ultra-thin, high index lens, we can supply a product that will suit your needs.

How to Determine a Manufacture Date For A Kodak Brownie Camera

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions where the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain becomes damaged. Many people do not realise that they have glaucoma and usually it is diagnosed during a routine eye test. It is recommended that you have an eye test every two years. Eye tests are an important health check that examine more than just your vision and can even detect underlying health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Treatment of glaucoma cannot undo any loss of vision caused before diagnosis, but treatment can help prevent further damage to your vision.

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