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Poems must be original and unpublished, 39 lines or less, written in English in traditional forms, preferably with regular scansion and rhyme. We welcome up to three poems per student. All entries must be submitted between September 1 and December 31 with the following information on each poem:. The locusts host their midnight matchmaking in screeches shaped to pulsing melody; a song composed for lonely souls to sing. Young leaves, once brightened by the glow of spring, give way to flame and fall more lost than free. Still locusts host their midnight matchmaking. Bluebirds wing at branches to rip leg away from knee and cull the chorus those lonely souls sing. September storms gather their grey and fling spears to the earth. Wings lie among debris.

The Volunteer Matchmaker

Matched , by Ally Condie, is the first novel in the Matched trilogy. The novel is a dystopian young adult novel about a tightly-controlled society in which young people are “matched” with their life partners at the age of The main character is seventeen-year-old Cassia Reyes, who is Matched with her best friend, Xander Carrow. However, when viewing the information for her Match, the picture of another young man Ky Markham, an acquaintance outcast at her school, is flashed across the screen.

As Cassia attempts to figure out the source of the mishap, she finds herself conflicted about whether her Match is appropriate for her — and whether the Society is all that it seems to be. This book is followed by Crossed and Reached.

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Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based professional matchmaker, guides affluent young South Asians in the United States and metropolis like New Delhi and Mumbai in choosing life-partners that match their personal criteria. While there is plenty to be said about upper-class and upper-caste motivations to wed their children to certain people at a certain age, arranged marriages and the matchmaking journey are marketed as alternative dating formats something which is not new to Netflix given shows like Love is Blind.

The premise of the show is simple: Sima Taparia offers a multi-national and presumably expensive matchmaking service. Her clientele is largely composed of wealthy millennial Indians noticeably devoid of religious or ethnic diversity. The matchmaking, however, emphasizes the importance of family and parents as authority figures, often diluting the agencies of young people in the process. Houston-based Aparna is career-oriented and seeking someone who will fit into her existing life.

Nadia, an Indo-Guyanese event-planner in New Jersey, is desperate to shed off her singleton life, and is both ghosted and rejected for ordering an alcoholic drink at the date by suitors offered by Sima. Pradhyuman is the son of a well-to-do jeweler in Mumbai, looking for a woman who can physically attract him. Also based in Mumbai, is Akshay who defers responsibility to his mother, Preeti in an epitome of an Oedipus complex.

Motion Poems

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Motion poems started with animator Angella Kassube and poet, Todd Boss. Together, the pair started the project as a “matchmaking service”.

What a lovely article – Seven Stories deserves our support and Maureen – you’re my idea of the perfect blind date! Partnerships are a wonderful thing they very often spawn offspring! Thank you Maureen for being a make it happen sort of person. I am hoping for offspring, Jan. I think they’ll be creative types. From one ‘make it happen person’ to another! Just saw this, great write up, I’m loving attending the critique group, thanks for your matchmaking coordination, Maureen!

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Oh what fun! Can’t wait for this challenge, and for the guessing game! Could be because I received her interview well before the movie came out and because I haven’t seen the movie

I love dating quotes and poems Matchmaking america magazine Hook up in hampton va news Dating rules watch online free dailymotion. Gymnastics dating​.

In mid-July, Netflix dropped the 8-episode series Indian Matchmaking , which follows Mumbai matchmaker Sima Taparia as she travels around the United States and India, attempting to find true love—or at least acceptable compromises—for the marriage-seeking young people who can afford her services. To non-Desi audiences not already familiar with the shaadi scene, it might come as a surprise to see how considerations like skin color, socioeconomic status, and height—prejudices that are often kept more covert in Western dating—are explicitly and unapologetically baked into this centuries-old tradition.

The show also completely fails to acknowledge that queer people exist, that not every boy is looking for the perfect girl and vice versa, and that non-binary people might want and make great partners. Despite these very valid caveats, there is something undeniably compelling about the idea of a dedicated professional who learns as much as possible about your preferences and then criss-crosses the globe in search of your soul mate.

Perhaps someday we will see more inclusive and progressive versions of this service. In the meantime, if Indian Matchmaking —which ends with most storylines unresolved—has left you craving more tales of young South Asians balancing traditional marriage expectations with contemporary romantic aspirations, check out any of the following books. Recognizing each other as the only other South Asian queer students on campus, they decide to marry to get Kris a green card and placate their parents while continuing to pursue their own affairs in private.

During World War II, intelligent but sheltered Vasanti is thrown into an arranged marriage with wealthy and accomplished Baba. Though neither particularly wishes for this, they work their way from tolerating one another to falling deeply in love, in a narrative that moves between India and London during the Blitz as it hurtles towards a shocking conclusion. In her memoir, Harvard-educated journalist Jain recounts her move to Delhi after she grows weary of the dating scene in New York. However, dating in a rapidly modernizing Delhi in which technology and tradition mix and Western values begin to take hold, proves to be no less confusing than New York.

Raina, a year-old who works at an international bank in Toronto, agrees to look at the men her nani has picked out for a possible arranged marriage, though the globe-trotting banker she had previously fallen in love with is back in the picture and still perfectly noncommittal.

Matchmaking poems

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Six years ago, Sherry Singer opened her own matchmaking service, Meet-A-​Mate, with the help of her mother, Eva.

Michelle works to develop Circles with older people living in the community in Doncaster. Part of her role involves matching volunteers with opportunities to get involved. In her most recent blog she talks about the challenges of matching volunteers and how to alleviate the frustration they may feel when waiting for a match. Circles in Doncaster is set in the community with older people who live in their own homes and want to get out and about more as they have become socially isolated or feel lonely.

With this in mind, we held a focus group of volunteers, some who had been with the project at the beginning and a new volunteer. We learnt that some volunteers were willing to do more to support the project to make the changes it requires to continue to grow. We know that it is frustrating to wait for a match, so we are now having discussions with volunteers about what they may like to do whilst waiting. We found that some volunteers may benefit from a break from the one to one volunteer role as their Focus Person may be in hospital or respite.

We are forging links with Doncaster college and WEA which gives us exciting opportunities to do different activities and bring like-minded focus people and volunteers together. This also enables volunteers to do things side by side with their focus person so they are seen as equals in their relationships. In recognition that the project is growing, we need to consider the sustainability of the project and look at ways that volunteers can support one another.

The 21st century

One of the customs for which China is renowned for is that majority of marriages were arranged. This was so up to the s. Since then, and particularly so in recent times, young persons and the not-so-young, in increasing numbers, are making their own arrangements, literally putting the so-called ‘matchmakers’ out of business.

the president of Tajikistan heard a young schoolmaster reciting poems in ruler turns matchmaker for teacher who praised him with poetry.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Nicole Bush Dec Retaliations of matchmaking. Out of class the World is happening! And we never see! Are they happy? Outside the world is happening. They see nothing they never learned how They are watching us. And the World is lonely. Let us watch movies and fall asleep together.

Continue reading Axiana Jun Poetically vibrating Intensely radiating Broken letters synchronistically mating I love the way I am matchmaking It’s scintillating A river rush of vowels are grating Against consonants that were waiting Sentence structure upraising And then I am only making An attempt at escaping This world That is wasting.

Marisa Lu Makil Jul

A New Beginning

For the month of July, Lifeology is launching our third SciComm Challenge , a monthly fun challenge that scientists, science writers, artists and anyone else can participate in to improve their science communication skills in a variety of formats! What is a science poem? Through poetry, people can process and interpret scientific information in novel ways that better connect that information with their own existing knowledge, values and emotions. Not only that, but writing science poetry can help make you a better science communicator!

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Human existence is now permeated by non-human computer language. This includes poetry. Digital technologies can disseminate and publish contemporary poetry, and also create it. Digital artists combine human and computer languages to create digital poetry, which can be grouped into at least five genres. Augmented reality art has had a potentially huge captive audience during the coronavirus lockdown.

Read more about the 5 ways digital poetry combines human and computer languages!

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China’s largest date-to-marry matchmaking apps are experimenting with OpenAI’s new text generator writes sad poems and corrects lousy.

This time she has teamed up with Limerick man Kenny, who has carved out a reputation as a fine actor as well as a comedian. Booking at , online at tht. The Oireachtas awards are the leading prizes in in Irish-language literature for children and adults and have three categories. They include the novel Ar Strae by well-known Galway author, Patricia Forde, which is is the first fictional depiction of the Direct Provision system.

Written for older readers, Ar Strae is the story of Nizar, a young refugee who just wants a friend and is illustrated in graphic style by Dublin illustrator John White. There are a further three nominations in this category — all for younger readers. From Europe with Love, the ambitious monthly lunchtime series that explores string quartet repertoire from all 27 EU member countries will resume on Tuesday, September 1.

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A lunchtime concert, JazzTempo, will take place this Friday afternoon at 1pm in Oughterard Courthouse and will be streamed live on Facebook.

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Below are the all-time best Matchmaking poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of matchmaking poems written by PoetrySoup members. Member Area. Word Counter. RUTH expression of love Ruth,a lovely lady of Moab, Nearly always picked up the tab; Gav her mother-in-law a helping hand, Emigrating back to her distant homeland; Naomi quickly returned the compliment, Matchmaking bing Read More.

Poetry is linguistic matchmaking. Why do you write? Most of my poetry is humorous, and I write because I like feeling amused! I also crave the.

Early on in my semester studying abroad, I decided that I wanted to stay an extra month in Costa Rica after everyone from my program had left. I lived with a woman named Cecilia, with whom I became very close. When the last month came, I was excited to be on my own, and farther outside my comfort zone. The first extra day I spent after everyone left, that bubble popped. They stayed for dinner, and afterwards Kevin and I chatted about different places to go in Costa Rica.

Though I was resistant, Kevin managed to convince me to hang out with him a couple more times. He was cute. He was passionate about a lot of things many people are not passionate about like, for instance, plants , and was determined to make a difference in the world.

You’re a perfect match with Confessions of a Matchmaker Satu