The Dark History Of Celebrity Photo Hacks

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4chan, The Notorious Website That Spawned Anonymous, Rickrolling And The Fappening, Has Been Sold

By Lauren Papagalos. On January 22, In Cybersecurity News. The month of January is often a time for reflection.

By now, you’ve probably heard that a massive cyberattack dubbed “​TheFappening” or “Celebgate” resulted in the publication of nude and.

Here are some answers:. The hacker claimed that there could be posts of more than celebrities in total. Others, like Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice, claimed the photos were fakes. But for some reason, various tech blogs have reported, Apple failed to do this with its Find My iPhone service. Some tech observers are skeptical of this explanation, though. The company also reportedly rolled out a security upgrade Monday, just hours after the first hack, to eliminate the possibility of a brute force service gaining access to passwords via Find My iPhone.

If the hackers did indeed use a brute force method on the iCloud and Apple has yet to fix the problem, then, in short, yes it could happen to you. Brute force methods can be applied so long as the hacker has your username. That said, this method does not collect broad amounts of data for a lot of people. Hackers would need a reason to target you specifically.

The only way to completely protect yourself on the internet is to stay off it. But if you want to continue living in the 21st century, use two-step verification.

iCloud leaks of celebrity photos

Before he quit being the administrator of 4chan, Christopher Poole received “a lot of e-mails of a threatening nature,” he says. Poole had started 4chan as a way for fellow anime obsessives to post and discuss images. LOLcats and Rickrolling started on 4chan. So did Anonymous, the international collective of hacktivists and geeks. Most recently, 4chan has been in the crosshairs of two of the biggest controversies on the Web: the celebrity nude leaks called the Fappening, and Gamergate, the increasingly vicious battle over sexism in the video-game industry.

A 4chan-engendered prank aimed at male users of online dating sites such as OKCupid and brought out the best and the.

As the photos came down, they started popping up on The Fappening, a subreddit created by a Reddit user who noticed the term in a forum. Under pressure from lawyers and users, Reddit banned The Fappening — despite issuing a memo promising to keep the platform “as open as possible. The backlash from Redditors was immediate, and the site posted another message to explain the seemingly contradictory ban. According to a site administrator, it was mostly a case of poor timing. As The Fappening became the de facto source of the leaked photos, Reddit was informed that some of the nude images were taken of minors a violation of the site’s policy and that other predatory users were using the form to launch malicious attacks.

If they banned my sub on Sunday or even Monday after we broke servers I would be fine with it. But they made a decision that seems based on what their lawyers say, rather than what is best for the site. Reddit admins say they never wanted to ban the subreddit they allow many other questionable forums to exist. Nude photos leaked allegedly of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, others.

Lawyers for McKayla Maroney say leaked nude photos are child porn. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Hackers leak nude pictures of female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice. By: Jeremy Tanner. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc.

What we know so far about the massive celebrity nude photo leak

Remember I. This Pierce Brosnan vehicle bombed hard. It currently holds a 5. Even though the movie itself is pure trash, at least we got some steamy content of it — both Stefanie Scott and Anna …. You gotta get ready to be… underwhelmed.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all those involved in The Fappening, the nude picture scandal which has shocked the world.

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Users are anonymous. Ayashii World functions as the hubsite of Nanashi World in a similar way to how 4chan would later function as the hubsite of Anonymous. AW’s popularity increases exponentially.


Wow, the Melissa Benoist nude pictures are naughty as hell! The Supergirl star is not the innocent girl next door you might have thought. According to reports, the man in the leaked photos is her co-star and fiance Chris Wood. They definitely have a steamy relationship!

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What the celbs had to say Jill Scott “I definitely took the first picture with a robe; weight loss chronicle, But the second, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs. What you see, you cannot touch. Mary E Winstead To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.

Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked. What Apple had to say..

10 enlightening dating hacks according to the much-maligned geeks of 4chan

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1. The Snapchat Hack. Snapchat is a popular photo-messaging app, known for letting its users send photos and videos that disappear from.

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment. Unfortunately, Watson and Seyfried’s privacy has been compromised, thanks to the work of online hackers. This recent hack eerily coincides with the release of an alleged sex tape featuring actress Mischa Barton. With such egregious affronts to privacy becoming commonplace, it’s clear that women celebrities are being especially targeted by hackers and trolls. But how much do you know about the history of such attacks?

As Britney Spears battles for control over her personal finances and career, a new development in her legal matters has shifted some power to her younger s. Fans of the actress suspected. Aside from a Zoom interview with Jimmy Fallon to. Within the last year, content subscription platform OnlyFans has risen to economic and cultural prominence as a place for creators of all kinds to release.

Season two of Netflix real estate reality series Selling Sunset was marked with drama from all sides, and star agent Mary Fitzgerald often found herself in. Lea Michele is officially a mum.

The fappening 2014: Hundreds of celeb nudes go online via icloud hack

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Now we have Fappening 2. First, in mid-March, the victims were Amanda Seyfried, and long-term target of sexually-frustrated Potterite trolling, Emma Watson. These new images might have been excavated from the original hacker’s collection, they might have been stolen by a completely different person, or be the result of a collective working together.

The FBI traced the hack to a number of sources, before eventually charging Ryan Collins, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for phishing schemes run between and This fallout did little to deter an army of fap-hunters. Fappening-themed blogs and forum threads have persisted over the last few years, and the new hack takes up where the previous one left off: Users are sharing the images just as before, assessing them for their legitimacy, and teasing the next “promised” wave of photos.

To me, it seems this signals a move away from the pornography of content—i.

Why the ‘Fappening’ Keeps Happening

He admitted running a phishing scheme that gave him illegal access to more than Apple iCloud accounts, many of which belonged to members of the entertainment industry, between April up until October Purloined user credentials allowed Garofano to steal personal information, private photographs and videos, as well as the ability to trade usernames and passwords with other hackers. He pleaded guilty to a specimen charge of one count of unauthorised access to a protected computer to obtain information prior to his sentencing this week.

Edward Majerczyk of Orland Park, Illinois, was jailed for a similar nine months over his involvement in Celebgate back in January

A massive hack and leak has flooded the internet with nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many, many more.

It happened over the Labor Day weekend, but the ramifications of the nude photo leak also known as the Fappening will be felt for weeks or months to come. It all started on the online imageboard 4chan, where an anonymous user claimed to have nude photos of hundreds of different female celebrities…for a price. The photos soon appeared on other major sites like Reddit, and have now been picked up by most major news networks as well as the FBI.

These so called nudes of me are FAKE people. Let me nip this in the bud right now. Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this.